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Many different Studies have shown that Ignotine is a major tool in the fight against aging and degenerative disease. It is found in all cells, but in higher quantities in muscles, heart, kidney and brain cells. As we age, optimum conversion from dietary sources becomes inefficient. In studies, the longer living animals had more of it in their cells. Ignotine is a naturally occurring product in our food. But with the passing of time it decreases, this is believed to be one of the primary factors leading to the aging process. The human body has an optimum design factor of over 120 years, but few people live beyond their 80’s. Ignotine, when introduced into the body’s cells, has been shown to rejuvenate the cells; in essence, it is working as an anti-aging agent from within our cell structure.


Scientific research undertaken in Australia: To ascertain the effects of Ignotine on cultured human cells. What they did know were the results of decades of research on human cells and the well-defined pattern in the growth, development and aging of them, referred to as the ‘Hayflick Phenomenon’. Placed in a growth vat with a fluid rich in essential nutrients, cells from young donors will quickly begin to reproduce, forming colonies, which fill the vat and then stop reproduction, to prevent starvation. If half of these cells are removed from the container, the remaining cells will begin growing again to fill their environment. But this process only goes on so far. At each round of division, the cells are aging or becoming “senescent”. Senescent cells stop producing the right proteins from their DNA, losing the functions for which they were designed. The appearance of the cell culture takes on a degraded texture. (see photos A, B, C, below) Eventually, after about 60 divisions, the cells will stop reproducing and are just alive, inactive and waiting for death. This is the same process which happens in aging and deterioration of the skin.


Ignotine Rejuvenates Human Cells
Cultures of old, dying (senescent ) cells cannot be mistaken for younger cells, which are uniform in appearance and line up in parallel arrays. By contrast, senescent cells exhibit a grainy appearance and take on peculiar shapes and sizes. They lose the ability to organise themselves in a regular pattern. These striking changes are called the senescent phenotype. Ignotine has been shown to rejuvenate old, dying cells quickly restoring the juvenile phenotype (McFarland GA et al., 1999; McFarland GA et al., 1994).


The scientists raised lung and skin cells in one of two standard cell culture mediums. Then they kept half of the cells in the original medium, and transferred half to the same medium supplemented with Ignotine. The results were vivid and amazing. The cells in Ignotine not only had from 1 to 7 more population doublings, the cells themselves lived up to two thirds longer than the standard medium cells! Ignotine treated cells had far exceeded the Hayflick limit!

Further more, adding Ignotine to the cell medium made the cells younger! Scientists described the results as “striking effects on the cell morphology” (both their shape and structure). The cells grown in Ignotine-supplemented medium looked the same as they did when they were young even over time, yet the ones raised in the regular medium became damaged and irregular and finally broke apart.

The scientists took the old, damaged cells from the standard medium and put them into the Ignotine supplemented medium and this process was reversed by taking the Ignotine supplemented cells and putting them in ordinary medium. The once Ignotine treated cells rapidly degenerated into what would be their normal state, but the damaged, old cells from the normal medium were made younger again by the Ignotine.

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Quote: “These cells showed a remarkable rejuvenation, with regard to their Morphology.. .and finally reached ages significantly greater than the control culture from which they were derived.”


Scientific experiments have since repeated, confirmed and expanded on the original results. They have shown that they could take regular cells, observe them age and put them in the Ignotine, observe them grow younger and switch them back and watch them age again. They propose that Ignotine is integral to cellular organisation and function, optimising longevity.

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